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Bring us Any TV for Repair

We can service any brand, size, make and model tv. If you are experiencing power, sound, or screen issues you can bring it by the store. We can fix plasma, led, oled, lcd, and more. With years of experience our technicians are here to help. Give us a call today or stop in the store if you need any tv repair service. Below are a few reasons to use us.

  • Our technicians are all experts and have years of prior experience in the repair industry.
  • Everyone you speak to in our shop is a technician that can answer your questions.
  • We use high quality parts with a lifetime warranty on manufactures defects.
  • Free Quotes
  • Free Diagnostics
  • Just take a look at our reviews.

These are some of the most common services we provide below



Screen Replacement / Repair

If you need your screen replaced or if it is shaking we can usually fix it. Sometimes it can be done without replacement unless it is cracked. Our technicians will take apart the device to diagnose it and call you with a quote. You can drop it off at the store anytime with no appointment needed.


Speaker Repair / Replacement

These days, our TV’s serve as many things. They are our radio, MP3 player, alarm clock, and computer as well. If the speaker goes out it can render the tv useless. We can repair or replace any speaker inside of your tv quickly.


Power Issue

Most of the time when a tv wont power on its because it was involved in a power surge. There are multiple parts that may need to be replaced on the device but we can repair it much cheaper than replacing the tv.

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