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Bring us Any Laptop or Desktop Computer for Repair

If you are looking for computer repair services for your desktop or laptop in the greater Jackson area don’t look any further. We are local, fast, easy and fair! Our technicians are trained to fix any brand computer. And with repairs starting at just $29 it just makes sense. If you have an apple or windows device just bring it to the store. We understand the importance of staying connected and how stressful it is not having access to the internet and your files. If you have a broken screen or a virus or even a software problem we can fix it for you. We offer a free diagnostic and a free quote. Wise Guys parts also come with a lifetime warranty on any manufacturer defect. Here are a few reasons to choose us.

  • Our technicians are all experts and have years of prior experience in the repair industry.
  • Everyone you speak to in our shop is a technician that can answer your questions.
  • We use high quality parts with a lifetime warranty on manufactures defects.
  • Free Quotes
  • Free Diagnostics
  • Just take a look at our reviews.

Some of the most common repairs

LCD Replacement

We can replace screens on laptops, all in one desktops, windows or apple. Bring your device by and let us give you a free quote.

Virus Removal

Don’t let a virus take over your computer. Bring it by and let us remove it and secure your laptop or desktop so it wont happen again. Usually viruses infect your machine when your antivirus expires or you visit the wrong website. Viruses can capture your passwords, credit card numbers and more. We can get rid of any virus or spyware. Come by the store with your computer today.


Is you battery not holding a charge, or draining too quickly? Bring it by for a quick replacement to get you back going.


These days, our laptops serve as more than just a computer. They are our radio, MP3 player, alarm clock and TV as well. If the speaker goes out, those vital functions don’t work. Bring it by and we can replace it.


If your computer is running hot, making a loud noise, or it not turning on it could be a fan issue. If the fan fails the computer can’t cool itself and will not function properly. We can clean, replace, and repair any computer fan.

Button / Keyboard

Buttons and Keyboards get used the most on laptops. We can repair any brand laptop. Apple and Windows.

Charger Port – Laptop / Power Supply – Desktop

If you have damaged your charging port on your laptop or the power supply has failed in your desktop we can normally have you up and running in a day or so.

Memory / Ram / Speed

Computer running sluggish? Let us upgrade your device with new ram. It will help load everything quicker and allow you to multitask more efficiently.

Software Issues / Pop Ups / Errors

Software issues on your computer are annoying and . It can be anything from a bad driver, to an update that failed. We can help get your phone back in working order quickly.

Water Damage / Spills 

The first thing you need to do is power it off. Second thing is bring it by the store so we can break it apart and start soaking out the liquid. In most cases we are able to salvage the laptop and at the very least save the data.

Data Recovery

You need fast and reliable data recovery? We understand the value of your data, and the importance of getting it back. We use state of the art tools to recover and backup data from your computer.

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