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We can fix any cell phone issue.


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We offer free diagnostics and a free quote to repair your cell phone device. Our technicians are highly trained to diagnose and repair the issue you’re facing from  screen repair, battery replacement, charger ports solder or replacement, speaker repair or replacement, and much more while you wait in under 15 minutes. We will not charge you if it cant be fixed. Wise Guys offers a lifetime warranty on any part we install for manufacturer defects.


Apple iPhone Screen Repair Prices

iPhone 6 – $65 – $55
iPhone 6 Plus – $80 – $70
iPhone 6s – $85 – $75
iPhone 6s Plus – $95 – $85
iPhone 7 – $100 – $90
iPhone 7 Plus – $120 – $110
iPhone 8 – $110 – $100
iPhone 8 Plus – $120 – $110
iPhone x – Call 601-589-0080

Samsung Galaxy Phone Screen Prices

Samsung S4 – $115 – $105
Samsung S5 – $150 – $140
Samsung S6 – $185 – $175
Samsung S7 – $200 – $190
Samsung S8 – $315 – $305
Samsung S8+ – $330 – $320


Other Cell Phone Repairs

Most screen replacements can be fixed on the spot while you wait in under 15 minutes. Our screens offer a lifetime warranty on manufacturers defects. We can repair apple, samsung, lg, motorola, and many more brand screens. If you don’t see your phone listed below give us a call or stop by the store and get a free quote.


Front Camera / Back Camera

Sometimes dirt or dust gets inside the lens of your cell phone camera, causing every picture you take to have an annoying dot or line. If the lens gets a scratch, you’ll have smudged photos. Bring it in and we’ll fix your phone camera problems.


Is you battery not holding a charge, or draining too quickly? Bring it by for a quick replacement to get you back going.


These days, our phones serve as more than just a phone. They are our radio, MP3 player, alarm clock and TV as well. If the speaker goes out, those vital functions don’t work. This is an instant repair and can be done while you wait.

Button / Keyboard

Buttons and Keyboards get used the most. Home buttons on your iPhone, power buttons and more can be replaced.

Charger Port

If you have damaged your charging port on your phone and its only partially charging or not charging at all don’t worry! We can normally have you up and running while you wait and have a brand new charger port installed.


Software issues on your phone are some of the hardest to diagnose. It can be anything from a bad driver, to an update that failed. We can help get your phone back in working order quickly.

Water Damage

The first thing you need to do is power it off. Second thing is bring it by the store so we can break it apart and start soaking out the liquid. In most cases we are able to salvage the phone and at the very least save the data that isn’t backed up.

Data Recovery

You need fast and reliable data recovery? We understand the value of your data, and the importance of getting it back. We use state of the art tools to recover and backup data from your phone.

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